Monthly Archives: April 2015

Roof Terrace Transformation at The Waterview

28. Roof Terrace Transformation at The Waterview

Roof Terraces are great for relaxing and entertaining. We recently helped to transform the roof terrace for one of our clients. When doing the space planning, we took into account the requirements of the client to fit in a putting area for him to hone his putting skills, casual seating areas for family and friends […]

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Balcony Transformation: From Bare to Cozy

29. Balcony Transformation From Bare to Cozy

It’s amazing how a simple touch of green can transform a bare balcony from cold and hard to warm and welcoming. This balcony came with a planter depression. The owner wanted to level up the planter depression to get more usable space out of the balcony. We installed GreenTurf Artificial Turf here on a layer […]

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