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Outdoor Furniture by Absolut Outdoors

19. Outdoor Furniture by Absolut Outdoors

Think outside. No box required. You can’t deny that there’s something about being outside that sets us free. At Absolut Outdoors, we’re committed to helping you bridge your indoors and outdoors seamlessly, so that you can enjoy the sun and fresh breeze as much as possible. So now that your flooring is done up (so […]

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Custom-made Tree Planter

20. Custom-made Tree Planter

“Trees’re always a relief, after people.” ― David Mitchell, Black Swan Green One of the great things about living in a landed property in Singapore is that there are many places where you can incorporate nature and greenery like trees and green walls. Corner Terrace and Bungalows Corner terraces and bungalows have got strips of land that take […]

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Stones Galore in Singapore

21. Stones Galore in Singapore

When choosing materials for outdoor renovation for gardens and roof tops, these few requirements must be met. The material must be Safe; Beautiful; Durable, especially in Singapore’s extremely hot and humid weather. Other than artificial grass and decking, we often look to stones to enhance the design of garden landscapes here in Singapore. They come […]

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