Home and Décor Fair 2013

It was a hectic but oh-so-satisfying weekend that we had at the Home & Décor Fair 2013. It is our second time participating. As with last year, the venue is at Marina Square Atrium. Our theme this year is centered on balconies. Since we know that many HDB flats and Condos such as Estuary, Prive, […]

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How to Maintain Artificial Turf

Maintaining your artificial turf only takes a little effort. If you happen to get large pieces of debris, simply pick them up and bin them. For dry leaves, simply rake them to the side and dispose of them. Alternatively, you can always vacuum the area. Pets, we love them. But what if they urinate or […]

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Gardens & Roof Terrace Landscaping Ideas Ep 1

In the first episode of this series called: Gardens & Roof Terrace Landscaping Ideas, we share 7 Easy Ways to Design Your Garden. These are practical options that you can consider when designing your garden, roof terrace, patio, or your balcony. We hope you found this video helpful. Subscribe to this channel for more informative […]

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5 Ways to Use Artificial Turf in your Retail Store

Artificial Turf is slowly but surely creeping into interior design concepts for retail stores. What used to be a product used as an outdoor flooring solution is fast becoming popular in interior design as well. Instead of the usual carpet, laminate, wooden or tile flooring, interior designers and shop owners now have an additional flooring […]

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