An Office Right Out of The Enchanted Forest

24. An Office Right Out of The Enchanted Forest

“I don’t believe in things like that – fairies or brownies or magic or anything. It’s old-fashioned.” ~ quote from Enid Blyton’s The  Folk of the Faraway Tree. I think you’d agree that adding greenery to the office benefits the people working there, and also appeals to their desire to be near nature (what experts […]

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Custom-made Outdoor Furniture

27. Custom-made Outdoor Furniture

We love furniture shopping, especially when there’s no budget or space constraint. Alas, we are usually constrained by both how much we want to spend on a piece of furniture, and whether we have space for it at home. In Singapore where space is rather limited (think shoebox apartments), store-bought furniture just may not fit […]

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Roof Terrace Transformation at The Waterview

28. Roof Terrace Transformation at The Waterview

Roof Terraces are great for relaxing and entertaining. We recently helped to transform the roof terrace for one of our clients. When doing the space planning, we took into account the requirements of the client to fit in a putting area for him to hone his putting skills, casual seating areas for family and friends […]

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Balcony Transformation: From Bare to Cozy

29. Balcony Transformation From Bare to Cozy

It’s amazing how a simple touch of green can transform a bare balcony from cold and hard to warm and welcoming. This balcony came with a planter depression. The owner wanted to level up the planter depression to get more usable space out of the balcony. We installed GreenTurf Artificial Turf here on a layer […]

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Planter Box on Balcony: Boon or Bane?

30. Planter Box on Balcony Boon or Bane

Huge planter boxes in apartments can be a boon or bane, depending on whether you have green fingers… or not. Some homeowners choose to cover their planter with artificial grass and indulge their gardening whims with potted plants, which are easier to manage. We have helped to create authentic outdoor living experiences for many homeowners. […]

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The pragmatic Singaporean’s balcony

For many homeowners, the balcony doubles up as a drying yard (West sun, anyone?). While that is totally practical, it may not be the most aesthetically pleasing, especially when you have guests visiting. However, if your balcony flooring is nicely done up with artificial turf or decking, you have the flexibility of transforming your balcony […]

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