Creating Privacy with Artificial Vertical Gardens

Creating Privacy with Artificial Vertical Gardens Featured Image

Imagine yourself doing your yoga practice at your gorgeous roof terrace. Breathe in, breathe out….. You slowly open your eyes, and your neighbour’s face comes into focus. Say what?! Yes, when you live in Singapore, this could very well be your reality. Homes are built closely, and neighbours unwittingly (or wittingly, if you know what […]

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A Showroom with Style ~ Featuring Artificial Green Walls by Absolut Outdoors

Artificial vertical garden in condominium showroom

We all yearn for a life beyond four bare walls. These artificial green walls, or vertical garden walls, that we created and installed for a condominium showroom recently satisfies this desire perfectly. A smiling sculpture welcomes potential homebuyers to the showroom. The scale model of the entire development is set against a scenic backdrop of […]

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Decommissioning a Swimming Pool in Singapore

Decommissioning a swimming pool in Singapore

Swimming pools or lap pools are found in some landed homes, cluster houses or even apartments in Singapore. While swimming pools offer a cool respite from the relentless heat in Singapore, the costs of maintaining a swimming pool and the hazards presented by the pool may prompt some homeowners to decommission their pool. Decommissioning the […]

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