A Showroom with Style ~ Featuring Artificial Green Walls by Absolut Outdoors

Artificial vertical garden in condominium showroom

We all yearn for a life beyond four bare walls. These artificial green walls, or vertical garden walls, that we created and installed for a condominium showroom recently satisfies this desire perfectly. A smiling sculpture welcomes potential homebuyers to the showroom. The scale model of the entire development is set against a scenic backdrop of […]

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Decommissioning a Swimming Pool in Singapore

Decommissioning a swimming pool in Singapore

Swimming pools or lap pools are found in some landed homes, cluster houses or even apartments in Singapore. While swimming pools offer a cool respite from the relentless heat in Singapore, the costs of maintaining a swimming pool and the hazards presented by the pool may prompt some homeowners to decommission their pool. Decommissioning the […]

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