I am a busy working mother of 2. I love the look of artificial turf and wooden decking but I’m concerned about safety and splinters as my children love playing on our balcony.
Do dirt and water get trapped underneath the turf and decking?
How do you install artificial turf on my balcony?
How do you install artificial turf on soil?
How long can artificial turf and wooden decking last? Will I need to re-turf or re-deck every few years?
I have a planter in my small balcony but do not intend to plant that extensively. How can I still create a spacious garden feel in my apartment?
Is artificial turf difficult to maintain? Do I have to wash and brush it often for it to maintain its colour and shape?
My friend told me that he had a great experience with Absolut Outdoors which transformed his balcony with turf, wooden decking and a green wall into a luscious chill-out area. Previously it was just an unsightly storage area, and now it somehow even makes the entire apartment look better. Can you tell me what to expect if I decide to do the same?
My neighbour’s artificial turf looks so good and inviting, I’m envious! I always see them entertaining at their balcony but I’m afraid it is too expensive for me to do up my balcony.