March 8, 2017

Landscaping An Outdoor Roof Terrace

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A well-designed outdoor roof terrace can easily become your favourite part of the house because it brings us closer to nature, and gives a much needed sense of space in our dense, urban living conditions in Singapore.

We were tasked by a customer to design and landscape his entire outdoor rooftop terrace. The vision was to create a soothing landscape that the owners can then add their own style to, much like how a good soup base can be transformed into the most delightful onion soup or risotto, depending on what ingredients you add in later.


  1. Preserving the View

First and foremost, we wanted to preserve the view of the roof terrace. The striking skyline of the buildings in the vicinity allows the eyes to rove and relax, so we definitely wanted to provide the family with an unhindered view.

Unhindered View of the Skyline from the Roof Terrace

Unhindered View of the Skyline from the Roof Terrace


  1. Understanding the environment

Being outdoor renovation specialists, we are no strangers to how strong the sun, wind and rain can get in Singapore. And we apply this knowledge when creating dream outdoor living spaces for our customers.

To allow the family to enjoy the roof top terrace in sunny Singapore, a trellis (or what some people may call a pergola), is entirely necessary to provide shade and comfort. See how our Trellis is different from others here.

Trellis with Electric Fan on Roof Terrace

Trellis with Electric Fan on Roof Terrace

An electric fan and power points (for music, phone or laptop charging) are also necessities here.

Get-togethers on the roof terrace may get rather loud and raucous after a few drinks, so an artificial green wall is ideal as it not only provides beautiful greenery without any need for maintenance, it also helps to absorb noise. This definitely helps with neighbourly relationships.


  1. Understanding the Family

Since Dad is an avid golfer, a putting green allows him to practise his short game while at home. Some home golfers have termed it their “secret training weapon” as the regular practice helped to improve their game significantly.

Custom-built ledges that function as high table tops are great for settling drinks and finger food during parties.

Customized Table Ledge

Customized Table Ledge

A proper sink also means that you can easily have barbeques or cook-outs at your roof top garden.

Artificial Green Wall and Fibreglass Cladding with Sink

Artificial Green Wall and Fibreglass Cladding with Sink

As a busy working couple, the customers didn’t have much time to tend to the plants and roof garden. We selected hardy (but pretty) plants that didn’t require much maintenance. The wall was clad with an artificial vertical garden that doesn’t require any maintenance and a textured fibreglass to add a rustic and authentic feel to the home resort experience.

We’re sure that by now, the family would have added their own touches like outdoor furniture, cushions and little knick knacks to the space and making it their very own. Because we understand that in the end, it’s always about the people and how their use and enjoy their homes.

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