Wooden Decking (Composite)

Sturdy, durable, irresistible. At Absolut Outdoors, we have reinvented the art and science of Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) decking and we call it Absolut Wood.

Our Composite Wood Decking, Absolut Wood, is a processed wood product that retains the beauty of natural wood, but doesn’t have the problems associated with natural wood decking.

Merbau Composite Wood Decking
Merbau Composite Wood Decking

Walnut Composite Wood Decking
Walnut Composite Wood Decking

Top 10 Benefits of Absolut Wood

Absolut Outdoors’ Composite Wood Decking System

  1. Splinter-free and Crack-free

    For safety and comfort in every step of everyone you care about.

  2. Stronger

    With its solid profile, the Absolut Wood can take on more weight than those that have a hollow profile.

  3. Composite Baton Base

    It’s not just the composite wood itself that matters. It’s how they are installed. We use composite wood batons and not normal wood as the base. Why? Because composite wood batons won’t rot after being exposed to rain.

  4. Elegant Black Clips and Black Stainless Steel Screws

    Composite wood decking strips are usually laid with a gap of 5mm in between the strips to cater for expansion. This is especially important in Singapore’s weather.


    Knowing how our customers like to keep their homes looking classy and elegant, we use black clips and even black stainless steel screws to ensure that these don’t show up when the decking strips are not in an expanded state.

  5. Environmentally-friendly

    Instead of using wood from the forests, processed wood helps to slow down the Earth’s diminishing supply of trees.

  6. Extremely Durable

    Coated with a special hardy coating, the Absolut Wood is extremely hardy and retains its colour and texture even after years of use.

  7. Beautiful Wood Grains

    The Absolut Wood comes in elegant and classy colours with beautiful wood grains. These have superior colour retention capability and never need re-varnishing. They are truly evergreen designs that will never go out of style.

  8. Anti-slip

    With the in-built grains and coating, the Absolut Wood is resistant to slipping.

  9. Scratch-resistant and Stain-resistant

    The hardy coating on the Absolut Wood ensures that it doesn’t get scratched and water doesn’t create stains on it.

  10. Maintenance-free

    Unlike natural wood that needs to be re-varnished regularly, Absolut Wood composite wood is maintenance-free. It can be kept clean by normal washing or mopping.

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