Wooden Decking (Natural)

If you like the look and feel of natural wood, we have just the timber decking for you. With a wide array of timber decking like Burmese Teak, New Zealand Pine, Okan, Ironwood and Merbau to choose from, you can surely find the type of wooden grain and wood colour that enhances the look and value of your balcony, patio or garden.

As timber comes from mother earth, it is weather-resistant and suited for both outdoor and indoor use. This natural beauty will definitely help you enjoy your house more, and also enhance the value of your property.

  • Natural look and feel
  • Feels cool to walk on even under the hot tropical sun
  • Wide variety of wood grains and finishes
  • 1 year installation warranty

Chengal Wood - Clear Stain

Chengal Wood - Deep Walnut Stain

Chengal Wood - Walnut Stain

Iron Wood - Clear Stain

Iron Wood - Deep Walnut Stain

Iron Wood - Walnut Stain

Teak - Clear Stain

Teak - Deep Walnut Stain

Teak - Walnut Stain

Chengal Wood Decking

Colour: Range from mid-orange brown to dark walnut, depending on type of varnish and stain used.

Janka Hardness of Wood: Moderate

Source/ Origin: Malaysia

A common wood choice for outdoor decking, given its availability and cost. Originating from Malaysia, Chengal has been a well-known tropical hardwood for outdoor decking over the years. lt is durable and highly resistant to termite infestation and fungi attacks.

A unique characteristics of Chengal is the small pin-holes caused by ambrosia beetles boring into the living trees. In recent years, conservation measures have been implemented to prevent further cutting down of Chengal trees. However, some loggers continue to cut down Chengal trees, especially the young immature ones. These young immature Chengal wood tend to contain a lot of moisture. Using them as wooden decking in a hot and humid country like Singapore can result in uneven expansion and contraction with the wood and as a result, they tend to crack on the surface if not well-maintained.

Ironwood Decking

Colour: Range from mid brown to dark brown, depending on type of varnish and stain used.

Janka Hardness of Wood: Hard

Source/ Origin: Indochina

Ironwood is a collective term used to describe woods that are really hard. They are very dense, and are considered by builders to be one of the most stable wood.

Their dense nature means that they don’t take stains very well, and stained Ironwood Decking flooring may appear unevenly coloured. I personally don’t see this as a disadvantage though. The beauty of natural wood is enhanced by such perceived imperfections, I think.

Ironwood is, however, prone to hairline cracks and need regular maintenance to keep up their beauty.

Burmese Teak Decking

Colour: Range from light honey brown to dark brown, depending on type of varnish and stain used.

Janka Hardness of Wood: Moderate High

Source/ Origin: Myanmar and Indonesia

After being processed and kiln dried, Teak wood has been proven to be the only wood in the world with the least amount of shrinking and expanding movements. This unique feature, coupled with its moderate to high hardness means that it tends to have much lesser cracks upon outdoor weathering exposure.

Despite its moderate high hardness, it still has adequate amount of resilience to withstand impact, weight and falling objects, all necessary properties for good timber decking. Solid Teak wood feels great to the touch and it emits a very unique and fragrant smell purported to calm nerves and release stress. Genuine Asian solid Teak wood secretes a particular natural oil that contains a form of iron composition known to repel snakes, insects, mice and termites. This oil allows the wood to age nicely. That’s why Teak is often used in furniture as well.

You can roughly tell if a Teak wood is obtained from a mature teak tree by looking at the many micro pin holes on the intersection side. These pin holes are the reason behind the strength and tenacity of Teak wood as compared to all the other woods in the market.