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Looking for a way to spruce up your new home? Considering real grass but don't have time to deal with the hassle of maintenance?

Here is why an artificial grass carpet is a right option for you.

Perfect Fit For Any Space

One of the main advantages of using an artificial grass carpet is that it fits into any space. Unlike natural grass that tends to look messy in small patches, artificial grass can be cut to fit both large and small spaces.

Our artificial grass is suitable for your home, no matter the size of the space.

For those of you that live in an apartment or condo and just want to have a stress free pop of nature, an artificial grass carpet can be used to add some green to your balcony and provide a nice outdoor atmosphere.

Customizable to Suit Your Personality

Synthetic grass is flexible, you can customize your green turf to suit your design needs.

Maybe you'd like a three-tone grass carpet for your outdoor garden or you want patterned shapes in your grass for your indoor space, the possibilities are endless with artificial grass!

You also have the option to choose from many different types of artificial grass, each with a different length, colour and feel.

Easily Updated to Suit Your Current Design

Let's say it's been 2 years and you're getting sick of the short grass look in your garden, you've recently gotten really into making your house look more exotic and want to change your grass to suit that feel.

Real grass will have you calling a landscaper, have your garden dug up and weeded, then your soil reseeded which could be a long and messy process.

On the other hand, all you have to do to change your artificial grass is give us a call and we'll replace your entire garden in a week, mess-free.

Premium Quality Artificial Grass Carpet

Our premium quality grass carpets are made to last you years. We pride ourselves on having the best artificial grass products and promise to use good quality materials for your assured happiness.

While some other low-quality providers may leave you with artificial grass with fuzzy seams and create fall hazards in your home, our products are tried and tested to ensure your carpet grass stays soft and fresh even years after installation.

Say no to low-quality artificial grass that could put you and your family in danger by purchasing your green carpets from us.

Easy Delivery and Installation

We do all the delivery and installation work for you. Once you checkout your orders, we will bring our artificial grass carpet right to your doorstep. No need for self-service pickup and stuffing your items into cars, you just have to wait for your delivery to come to you!

Installation is easy with our professional team that ensures your carpet grass is cut exactly down to the mm to fit the width of your home, office or commercial space. We make sure that our artificial grass is installed seamlessly, with no lifted edges or uneven patches on your floor.

Low Maintenance and Hassel Free

The best part of choosing to use artificial grass carpets is that you eliminate the need for expensive maintenance while still being able to enjoy all the perks of a green outdoor or indoor space.

You can save cost on hiring a weekly gardener to trim and maintain your grass lawn. You also never have to worry about your grass looking overgrown and having to use stinky fertilizer that irritates your nose.

Artificial grass is also not at risk of growing weeds or having a severe bug infestation so you won't have to regularly pollute your grass with weed killer and insecticide.

Warranty Protected and Long Term Support

We will follow up with you! Our store promises to give you long term support with your green grass carpet. We have packages that will help you take care of your indoor or outdoor grass floor annually to take all the pressure of keeping your grass looking pristine on your shoulders.

The artificial grass you buy is protected from manufacturing defects by a 5-year guarantee.

On top of that, all of our workmanship is under a 1-year guarantee so that on the off chance that there are any issues with your artificial grass carpet we will be right with you.

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