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Best Landscape Services in Singapore

Absolut Outdoors has an incredible team of in-house landscaping experts who thoroughly understand landscape architecture and installation. Thus, our quality service is unparalleled - a step above other landscaping companies.

We are dedicated to providing a stunning eco-scape that meets your landscaping needs.

Whether you want a garden design meant for unwinding or an inviting building facade to attract customers, our landscaping services can get the job done. There is no such thing as a renovation idea that is too far-fetched!

That's because we believe that our living spaces should accommodate us, and not the other way round.

Take a look at how our extensive range of landscaping services bring new life and luxury to your property!

Landscape Design

Our team of professionals work closely with you during the entire work process to ensure that your vision is accurately brought to life.

This begins with envisioning the landscape design.

The expertise of our designers shines through when designing a landscape construction that suits your unique space and needs. We consider your land's current softscape and hardscape to create landscape designs that enhance your existing space without compromising your vision.

For example, you may want a planter box, but your building faces away from the sun. We would propose shade loving plants if you prefer live plants. On the other hand, an artifical vertical garden is also a solution we might propose to incorporate nature into your living space. No idea what to do with your space?

Our expert team is right here for you. We can propose ways to elevate your cafe or home, collaborating with you to make your property a dream come true!

Artificial Vertical Gardening

Also known as a green wall or plant wall, vertical gardens are the perfect compromise for space-starved property owners who want a piece of nature around.

Our green walls feature incredibly realistic plant decoration, but luckily, you won't need any gardening tools here!

We have a variety of ready-to-use artificial green wall designs for outdoor applications for easy pickings. However, if you'd prefer a customised look, we'll gladly oblige. Take a look at our catalogue for more information.

Artificial Grass

Love green grass? Hate lawn maintenance?

We get your pain - that's why we've come up with our proprietary artificial turf for outdoor flooring solutions. No more grass cutting or patchy, uneven fields. Plus, they're anti-slip: Great for the elderly and young ones.

Don't have much land?

Artificial grass looks great on walls, too, especially in commercial landscaping. They're the perfect backdrop for your customers to take those Insta-worthy pictures. We even have bold coloured turf to match your branding!


By incorporating wood decking into your outdoor space, you can create a versatile place that can be used for a range of outdoor activities. Decking is exceptionally adaptable, and it can be utilised to surround ponds, pools, water features, and even pergolas.

A deck is a safe location for kids to play, as well as a great place to lounge and feel connected to nature.

Decks are also great for outside dining in commercial landscaping, especially on uneven ground like sand. Decking also makes a simple yet elegant platform for live entertainment at your business.

Roof Covers/Pergolas

Pergolas are a beautiful way to add an alfresco space to your garden or roof terrace. It's a stylish shelter that allows you to use your outdoor space no matter the weather, shielding you or guests come rain or shine.

Our pergolas are also customisable, with a variety of fan and lighting options available! Just let us know your preferences.

Wooden Cladding

Change up the look of your exterior walls with wooden cladding!

The hardwood cladding gives your property a sleek look that stands out without the labour intensity of painting. This option is also great for renters as the building's walls are not altered during installation.

Outdoor Surface Cladding

Our landscape services also involve surface cladding for outdoor surfaces.

This prevents the risk of injury and is especially helpful for areas that have many children running away, like a playground or a kindergarten.

Planter Box

A space-saving alternative to potted plants. These planters are entirely tailored to your needs, and we can build them according to the space your plants need.

Transform your property today!

Providing landscaping services on time is just one of our prerogatives. Absolut Outdoors ensures that all our projects reflect the excellent workmanship of our team, from the blueprint to the final result. Furthermore, our expertise ensures that our projects are built to last.

Thus, we provide a 1-year guaranteed warranty of all hardscapes carried out by our landscape company.

Our landscaping services in Singapore also extend past the initial installation. We have a maintenance package available for clients who like to refresh their aesthetic every few years!

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