Wood Decking in Singapore

Wood decking is gaining popularity in Singapore because of its numerous advantages to homeowners. Balconies, garden landscapes, ramps, swimming pools, and walks are familiar places to see timber decking.

Have you always coveted the elegant look that wooden decking brings?

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Natural Wood Decking

Appreciate the warm, homey aesthetic of natural wood?`

Our timber decking comes in a wide array of wood species, including Burmese Teak, Ironwood, Balau and Malaysian Chengal wood decking. We further add to the variety with varnish and stains, highlighting the sophisticated natural wood grains of our decking material.

You'll definitely be able to pick a natural wood timber deck that enhances the look and value of your space!

Whether you're envisioning a little patio decking oasis or splashing onto pool decking, Absolut Outdoors has got your needs covered.

Benefits of Natural Timber Decking

When you renovate your home, you're taking steps to improve your living space.

Our timber decks do just that. With a living space that matches your taste, you'll be able to relax and luxuriate at home with this classic renovation option.
Naturally Weather Resistant
Natural Look, Feel & Scent

Composite Wood Decking

Sturdy, durable, irresistible.

At Absolut Outdoors, we have reinvented the art and science of Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) to create the best-in-class composite decking: Absolut Wood.

Composite wood (WPC) is made by thoroughly mixing ground wood particles and resin and heated thermoplastic (e.g. PE, PP). Colouring and embossed grains are then added to replicate the rich look of natural wood. Absolut Outdoors actively tries to keep things eco-friendly by using recycled plastic and leftover wood powder or chips that would otherwise have become waste.

Benefits of Absolut Wood Composite Decking

Absolut Wood composite decking is highly recommended for commercial properties as there is no need for special care - just sweep and mop as you would any other flooring! Furthermore, the durability of our composite decking ensures that it can handle high foot traffic.

Of course, our composite decking is also suitable for homeowners who aren't keen on the regular maintenance needed for timber decking.

Ready to elevate your space?

Beyond building your wooden decking, Absolut Outdoors is also a reputable company renowned for its in-house design team. Our expert team of designers can tackle any space, no matter how oddly shaped, and bring your dreams to life.

And the best part is: we're offering no-obligation consultations!

Perhaps you're on the fence as you're worried about the condition of outdoor decking in Singapore's humid weather?

We've got your back - all our wood decking comes with a 1-year installation warranty for your peace of mind. So what are you waiting for? Contact us today at enquiry@absolutoutfoors.com or call us at 67498087!